How Do You Choose Worksheets to Print on a Single Page?

Open the workbook, right-click on the sheet tabs, and select All Sheets. Set the Fit To option to one page by clicking the Page Setup button. Worksheets should be printed.

Open the document

To print an Excel file, first open it.

Right-click to select

At the bottom of the screen, right-click on one of the sheet tabs.

Choose the option to Select All Sheets.

Click the Select All Sheets option at the bottom of the menu that opens.

Go to the Page Setup page.

At the top of the window, select the Page Layout tab. Then, under the upper toolbar’s Page Setup section, click the Page Setup button. It’s a little button in the section’s bottom right corner.

Choose Fit To from the drop-down menu.

Look in the window’s scaling area on the Page tab of the Page Setup window. Find the Fit To option and change the width and height to one page. When the worksheet is printed, it is scaled to fit on just one page.

Worksheets should be printed.

To access the Print Menu, click the Print button. Make sure everything is in order by using the Print Preview feature. Only the active sheets, the full workbook, or the selected worksheets can be printed.

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