How Did Jumano Houses Look?

Pueblos, stick houses, and tee-pees were the homes of the Jumano Native Americans. The Texan Pueblan Jumanos lived in two- and three-story structures composed of enormous, baked-mud bricks, according to historian R. Edward Moore. Pueblan Jumanos of New Mexico built their pueblos out of wood and reeds rather than bricks, according to the Texas State Historical Society. The Plains Jumanos lived in tee-pees and were migratory.

The Pueblan Jumanos, like other Native American tribes dwelling in pueblos, were agriculturalists who did not move around looking for game animals. The sturdy brick pueblos offered protection from wild animals as well as comfort on cold evenings. They were elevated constructions with a network of retractable ladders for access. Raiders and hostile settlers found it nearly impossible to break into the constructions after the Jumanos dragged their ladders up and into the pueblos.

During the day, Jumano women sat outside under enormous awnings made of animal hides, grinding grain and cooking tortillas, according to R. Edward Moore. They cooked in hornos, which were earthenware ovens composed of smaller bricks similar to those seen in the pueblos. Male Jumanos hunted game animals, according to Texas Beyond History. Bison was their favourite.

The Great Plains The Jumanos did not settle permanently. They lived in tee-pee-based transient settlements, moving at least once a season in pursuit of edible plants and game animals. These Jumanos also promoted trade between other indigenous tribes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi, according to R. Edward Moore. Jumano women often stayed in their villages, tending to their farms and children. They also created the baskets that Jumano men used to transport trade goods across Texas and Oklahoma. Dog teams were utilised by Jumano traders to transport their products.

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