How Can You Tell If It’s a Rosenthal China Pattern?

The best way to tell if a Rosenthal china pattern is legitimate is to search for the Rosenthal mark on the back. The mark can be found on the underside of a plate or a tea cup. The crown with a cross on top and two sceptres crossing underneath with “Rosenthal” and the country of manufacture differs depending on the time period (Germany, Bavaria or U.S. Standard).

Instead of the country of manufacture, the artist’s name appears beneath the firm name on some Rosenthal marks. Rosenthal collaborated with Versace in the 1990s, therefore the mark features the Versace name or the Versace name and crest above the Rosenthal mark. The Rosenthal firm name is sometimes split between the crossed sceptres, with “Rosen” on one side and “thal” on the other. Others merely have “R.” on one side and “C.” on the other of the crossed sceptres. Instead of sceptres, the marks on pieces made from 1923 to 1937, 1940 to 1942, and 1949 to 1952 employ a pair of crossed roses. The pair of crossed roses on the Rosenthal crest were also featured in the Classic Rose series, which ran from 1974 to 1983. The words “Classic Rose” were either around or beneath the crest.

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