Brass Knuckles Are Legal In Which States?

Many states allow brass knuckles, while California, Michigan, Illinois, and Vermont prohibit them. Brass knuckles are only illegal in South Carolina if they are used to conduct crimes. Other states just prohibit the use of metallic brass knuckles or place age limitations on their possession. Brass knuckles, on the other hand, are classified as concealed weapons in most states, need a permit.

Carrying brass knuckles illegally is a misdemeanour, but employing them in a violent offence can result in criminal penalties. Although brass knuckles are rarely fatal, they can cause major injuries such as fractured bones, wounds, and eye damage.

Brass knuckles are widely shown in the media and video games, which glamorises them to some extent. Despite their name, brass knuckles can be made of a variety of materials; the three most popular materials used after brass are acrylic, steel, and hard plastic. As a result, some states have outright bans on all forms of knuckles, while others only have restrictions on a few.

Brass knuckles appeal to users because they provide a forceful punch while protecting the user’s fingers. The legal right to self-defense has been used by some to justify the acquisition and use of brass knuckles. Bouncers and bodyguards with licences are usually allowed to carry brass knuckles.

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